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Stormwater Management – Peer Reviews and Expert Advice

Having completed over 1000 stormwater projects over the three decades Bewshers are well placed to provide expert stormwater advice to the private and public sector.   Based on the firm's experience with the investigation, assessment, design and construction of stormwater systems in Australia, the stormwater services which the firm provides include:

  • options for stormwater disposal on heavily constrained sites
  • computer modelling of stormwater behaviour
  • identification of current best practice for stormwater management
  • assessment of third party impacts from stormwater including risks to people and property
  • formulation of appropriate stormwater policies and controls for consent authorities
  • assessment of land development constraints posed by stormwater
  • peer reviews of stormwater drainage investigations and designs
  • reviews of detention basin and on-site stormwater detention (OSD) designs
  • major trunk drainage system refurbishment and enlargements
  • creek restoration projects
  • expert reviews of cross drainage for major road and rail infrastructure projects.

The firm provides specialist technical testimony in court proceedings as stormwater experts.  This has included over 50 matters relating to stormwater within the NSW, Queensland and Victorian court systems. The majority of this testimony has been in the NSW Land and Environment Court and the NSW Supreme Court relating to the following types of matters:

  • granting of stormwater easements.  This includes identification of practical options for stormwater disposal in order to determine whether the particular option before the Court is reasonably necessary
  • stormwater nuisance
  • compulsory acquisition of land for public purposes. This work comprises the identification of constraints on land development posed by stormwater
  • damage claims relating to improper or inadequate stormwater design
  • appeals against refusals of development applications involving stormwater
  • stormwater pollution related matters