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Drew Bewsher, Director

Drew Bewsher

Drew has thirty years experience in water related projects in Australia, America and South East Asia. This work has included floodplain management studies, river hydraulics and flood studies, computer modelling, hydrological studies, irrigation and salinity modelling, urban drainage investigation and design, water quality investigations, dam break studies, environmental planning and environmental impact assessment, construction supervision and the project management and economic evaluation of water resources projects.

Drew has been engaged to provide expert advice and peer reviews of numerous hydrology, irrigation, computer modelling and flood related projects in eastern Australia including most valleys within the Murray-Darling Basin.

He has also provided expert testimony in legal proceedings related to flooding and drainage matters in the Supreme Court, the District Court, and the Land and Environment Court, and other tribunals in NSW and elsewhere.

His qualifications and affiliations are:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), University of Tasmania
  • Master of Science (Civil Engineering), California Institute of Technology
  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers, Australia
  • Chartered (NPER) Professional Engineer

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