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Flooding on North
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Floodplain Development Opportunities and Constraints

Because of their extensive experience in carrying out floodplain risk management studies and formulating floodplain development controls for local councils, Bewshers are able to provide a range of services associated with the development opportunities and constraints of floodplain land.  These services are regularly provided to both developers and consent authorities.

These service include:

  • due diligence assessments prior to purchase of floodplain properties or businesses
  • identification and mapping of development opportunities and constraints caused by flooding
  • advice to valuers during the compulsory acquisition of land impacted by flooding or stormwater constraints
  • land use planning and the development of policies to guide development within floodplains;
  • expert witness services in court proceedings relating to floodplain development
  • the impact on development potential caused by flood risks associated with climate change and sea level rise
  • computer modelling of flood risks on floodplain land being considered for development
  • peer reviews of the development potential of floodplain land
  • studies assessing the appropriateness of rezoning or intensifying urban uses on flood prone land
  • development constraints imposed by evacuation requirements during extreme floods.