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Urban and Rural Flood Studies Peer Reviews

Since its establishment in 1986, Bewshers have specialised in the assessment of flooding and stormwater inundation in both urban and rural areas. This has ranged from site-specific locations to whole catchment assessments for the private and public sector. Over 1000 flood studies have been completed with many dozens of these funded under State and Federal Government flood mitigation grants.

Because of the firm's experience in preparing these studies and in utilising a variety of hydrologic and hydraulic models that underpin such studies, Bewshers are able to provide expert peer review services for flood studies.  This includes flood studies using one dimensional and two dimensional hydraulic models, a variety of commonly used hydrological models, and applications using the latest techniques espoused in the most recent versions of Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) and relevant state and national guidelines.

These flood studies include those utilised for:

  • development applications in flood prone areas
  • major infrastructure projects crossing floodplains
  • urban development in overland flow areas
  • complex stormwater pipe systems
  • rural catchment studies
  • estuarine and coastal flood studies
  • major urban releases on floodplains
  • detention basin and dam break studies