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Flooding in Eastwood

Expert Witness Services

The firm provides expert witness services in court proceedings where specialised technical advice is required in the fields of hydrology, flooding, stormwater or water resource issues.  Over the last two decades the firm has provided these services in excess of 100 proceedings in the NSW, Queensland and Victorian courts.

The specific areas of expertise within which the firm provides advice to the courts comprise:

  • surface water hydrology
  • the hydraulics of water flows on floodplains, flows in channels, pipes and other conduits
  • flood safety risks to persons and property
  • appeals against development application refusals
  • best practice floodplain development within Australia
  • actions related to unauthorised development
  • flood awareness and flood warning
  • water quality management
  • claims relating to damage caused by flooding or drainage
  • compulsory acquisition of floodplain land or land constrained by stormwater drainage
  • stormwater nuisance
  • emergency management during extreme flood events
  • computer modelling of flooding and stormwater systems
  • personal injury claims
  • prosecutions relating to development consents and the Water Management Act