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Caravan destroyed by the 2000 flood in the Peel Valley NSW

Nundle and Woolomin Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

A study is underway to assess the flood risks and to develop a plan for reducing flood risks at Nundle and Woolomin, located along the Peel River, south-east of Tamworth, NSW.

The study is being overseen by the Tamworth Regional Floodplain Management Committee, which includes representatives from Tamworth Regional Council, the Department of Environment and Climate Change, the State Emergency Service and the local community.

Flood risks can be managed by modifying the way a flood behaves (e.g. constructing detention basins, enlarging culverts, clearing debris), by modifying property on the floodplain (e.g. voluntary purchase, voluntary house-raising, planning controls), or by modifying people’s response to flooding (e.g. warning systems, evacuation planning, education).

If you have flood photographs or information about the level reached by a historic flood, or if you wish to make a comment about ways the flood risk could be managed, or if you wish to learn more about the Nundle and Woolomin Floodplain Management Study, please contact at Bewsher Consulting or call 02 9868 1966.


Photo : Caravan destroyed by the November 2000 flood, Nundle Caravan Park (Source: SES)