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Stream gauge beside river

Specialist Water Resources and Hydrology Advice
Bewshers have provided expert hydrological and water resources advice in numerous valleys within the Murray-Darling Basin and other eastern Australian catchments for over 25 years.

This work has included:

  • expert advice to the Snowy Water Inquiry;
  • independent technical auditor of more than 20 hydrological models prepared by NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, the ACT and the MDBA under the Murray-Darling Basin 'Cap';
  • peer reviews of hydrological studies associated with major dams including dam-break studies and EISs;
  • an independent analysis of water savings in the Murray-Darling Basin for the NSW Treasury;
  • peer reviews of various hydrological models of long-term behaviour of irrigation and water management behaviour within valleys for the NSW Government. This has included peer review of environmental flow rules;
  • expert hydrological studies of the security of water supplies to a major state owned electricity generator;
  • numerous water resources investigations and hydrological modelling studies of the Menindee Lakes system for the private and public sector; and
  • various studies of the water yield available from urban water storages and retention basins.