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John Maddocks, Floodplain Management Specialist

John Maddocks
Floodplain Management Specialist

John is a senior engineer with Bewsher Consulting, with over 29 years experience in floodplain management and water related engineering.  

Since joining Bewsher Consulting in 1998, John has been the project manager for a number of major floodplain management studies, including those undertaken for the Georges River, Cabramatta Creek, Prospect Creek, Camden Haven, Clarence Valley, Coffs Creek, Mudgee and Berrima. John has also had a major role in a number of stormwater catchment management studies undertaken for Bankstown, Sutherland and Ryde Councils. 

Prior to joining Bewsher Consulting, John spent 12 years with the Department of Land and Water Conservation (formerly the Public Works Department), where he was a supervising engineer in the Department’s Floodplain Management Program. In that role, John oversaw numerous flood and floodplain management studies throughout New South Wales, and provided technical assistance on floodplain management matters and advice on Government policy. John has also worked for a number of other floodplain management consultants in Australia and the United Kingdom.

His qualifications and affiliations are:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), University of Sydney, 1979

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